Economic Policy and Astrology

One of the more interesting questions, is whether one can have economic policies adapting to Astrology.

Let's look at the current economic situation in the US. The current question dominating discussions, is what is the economic situation in the US. What is the Fed going to do?

One of the main problems with economists, is that they don't have the tools that astrology provides. They cannot measure and predict the mood of the world in any way. All they can do is to correlate the latest economic indicators to the previous economic indicators. 

Obviously Astrology has tools that apply across time. Our tools measure the position of planets for any moment. We have shown clearly what the angles of the planets were when the economy was up, down or mixed.

In the daily report the stock market movements are clearly correlated to planetary angles and geomagnetic activity. When it comes to economic policy, we could tell economists, that the mood will be positive for a while, and so it will be just fine for them to raise interest rates. 

Just look at the huge debates going on in the US, on whether the Fed, can continue to raise interest rates, and not crush the market. If we know that the mood is positive, then we can raise interest rates, and not worry about breaking the economy. So what is that mood? That is something that Citystats will divulge for free only once a month.

Economist are never going to listen to an astrologer are they? We are used to that at the moment. Time will come, when they will look at the astrological aspects. They don't have to wait three months of economic indicators, to then react. And of course, it is too late.

To conclude, an annual analysis of Astrology, can give a detailed analysis of the mood of the people. We can see the good and bad times, and know how to prepare for the good and bad weather ahead.