Mars Predicts Stock Market Movements

Above are the aspects of Mars as it makes angles to all the planets and entities that are moving slower. I have used the Dow to show some of the good correlations. It is not perfect. The future aspects are shown. I will explain more at a cost on

Jupiter Predicts World Stock Market Movements

Above is an analysis of Jupiter over time. I have looked certain angles. You can see that the future ones have been shown. It is up to you to decide what will happen for your market. I have shown the vague correlation to Dow. There is a lot more to all this. Take a look at the site for more detailed analysis. I will give more info at a cost. Reach me on

Sunspot Cycles and Economic Cycles

How strong is this historical connection between major economic downturns and the sunspot cycles? We can learn more about this connection of sunspots to economic downturns by directly graphing them together as shown above (ed.). Quite clearly, the Chart (ed.) shows us that there is a rather strong connection between major recessions and the peaks of the sunspot cycles.

In as much as these cycles, and many like them give long term trends, and explain the past very well, I prefer to look at the aspects at the very short term, as shown at the stockstars blog. There is a daily reading on the solar activity there.

Normal Analysis

You can't knock traditional analysis.  And the above chart from the folks at does a great job.  But one fundamental weakness in it, is that it uses markets own values to predict values.

Aspects in Astrology, have absolutely nothing to do with the markets per se.  They are the angles that exist between the various planets, moon, and other stellar entities.

The fact that there is a correlation, and that it goes way into the future is the very essence of this form of analysis.

The Logical vs The Astrological

This clip, is a typical, logical explanation of why the "Credit Crunch" took place. But what it does not explain, is why the people started to notice the mistakes last year, and more importantly, why they were so trusting before it was all scrutinized.

If you are an Astrologer you would know what Saturn in Virgo means.

What is market astrology?

Market Astrology quite simply measures the various aspects made by stellar entities and correlates them to the markets. There is another website called stockstars which gives weekly free reports.