Change is a certainty.

Stock market astrologers are giants against a wave. Why do I say that? Because we see the forces ahead. The general public is stuck in the huge wave of the past. Our problem is that we have to let the public know, what they have grown accustomed to. They have to be prepared to change. 

If you look at any stock market analyst, they will draw trend lines of the past, and extrapolate it to the future. Any event in life is unique. It cannot be the same as what has been or what will be, but it still is related to it. That is the magic of our universe. 

If you look at the trend lines of the stock market, it is very tempting to think that any moment is between the future and the past. But at that moment, you do not know. 

In Astrology we measure the position of the planets. Each measurement is unique. It never repeats itself. What I have done is to put them in simple terms of green and red. But each combination is never repeated. 

Just look at what we had in July 2023. The astrology pointed to Oil to go up, when it was screaming south. No one thought that the stock market will turn around and go up.

Suddenly economists were struggling to explain what had gone on. CNBC was having a field day, destroying the bears. They have it all recorded.

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