Astrology of US Stock Market

Astrology of US Stock Market - just like a birthday chart, you can draw a chart for important beginnings. The New York Stock Exchange was born as a Taurus in 1903. I am particularly interested to see if this year's transit of Saturn in Pisces, and Pluto in Aquarius, will have any effect. Jupiter and Uranus have been in Taurus, which has risen the stock market to all time highs. Saturns tend to be the harbinger of bad news, for anything that has been expanding. You can see it is getting close to Jupiter (1) and making awkward angles to Pluto (3). Pluto is getting close to Saturn (2). Progressed Mars is opposite natal Mercury (4). The cautionary tale continues in the progressed chart, with transiting Mars around April 2024 (5), making very awkward angles to the progressed Pluto (6), Uranus (7) and Mercury (8). So fasten your seat belts 📉. As I have said a lot these days, Saturn in Pisces, will effect those people born in Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini and of course Pisces. Many are in the news now. Don't be surprised if you see many big coconuts fall off the coconut trees🌴🥥.