Seize the moment with astrology.

When are the moments you need to see, and seize?

That's what the tables I produce show you. There is no magic. It is just a map of all the types of angles being made. 

Honestly I just looked at the planets for the next 12 hours, and saw it was positive, and went and had a go at instant win on The National Lottery site. It costs 25p a go. And you can win from 25p to £500. It's no big deal. But I can test the concept.

Guess what. It worked. I am not kidding. It's there for all to see. I am not sure that the authorities will tell you but it's there. I won twice.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

The same energy makes for the markets to go up. The same energy makes for great football games. 

The US stock market has gone up today. I am watching Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid, and it's been great watching two goals before half time.