Sports Astrology

Very simply, sports Astrology follows stock market astrology. 

In Astrology we have what is known as the 5th house. Look it up. There is plenty on the subject.

I have used the tables at Citystats to show how certain football games, on the various football leagues in Europe, with large audiences, correlate to the planetary aspects.

It is just as the stock market astrology. The green dots and lines, all correlated well with the outcome of the matches. 

You have moments when the energy was positive or green  lines, and the games were all with high goals. Than you had moments when we had red lines, and it was hard to get goals. The final scenario was when we had to focus of aspects with no dots and lines, and it was a boring mess of a game.
So in short there is a great connection with the energy in the universe, as it should be.